Refund and Cancellation Policy

1. General

Settle is managed and operated by Singularia Innovations Private Limited (CIN: U62099MH2024PTC423396) (“Settle”, “we”, “us” or “our”), a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956, having its registered office at 1st Floor, Wework Vijay Diamond, Opp. SBI Branch, Cross Road B, Ajit Nagar, Kondivita, Andheri East, Mumbai 400093 and is a subsidiary of Reliance Retail Ventures Limited.


Settle is a fintech application having its website address at (“Website/Platform”) which gives User (“You”, “Your”, “User”) a one-stop platform to the underserved customers, for various credit line needs.


This Refund and Cancellation Policy governs the eligibility/circumstances of refunds and cancellations and describes our policies and procedures on the same provided to you by us when: (a) you use our websites including (“Website”), software applications or mobile applications including the Settle application hosted on which is owned by us (“Apps”) or platform(s) of any of our partners (“Platforms”), or (b) you avail any products or services which we may operate or offer to you either directly through our Websites or Apps or Platforms or through a merchant or partner platform.


This agreement is solely between User and merchant. Merchant will be liable to pay back the refund amount to the customer and Settle shall not be liable to bear any cost or be held responsible for actions on behalf of merchant/s or Users.

2. Terms and Conditions

Settle holds the right to exercise any refunds and cancellation requests and maintains the right to periodically modify the terms and conditions of the Refund and Cancellation Policy and amend, modify, or discontinue it in any way at its absolute discretion.


Only under the following conditions will an amount that has already been paid through the payment gateway be refunded:

  • Following a technical issue, the customer's card or bank account may have been charged more than once, OR the account may have been debited excessively in a single transaction. The Customer would receive a refund equivalent to an excess amount apart from the cost of orders in these circumstances.

  • Following a technical issue, the customer's card or bank account gets charged for the payment, but the transaction is failed.


In order to request a refund, the customer must fill out an application and if required include the transaction number, order number, VPA ID/ UPI ID and the primary payment receipt that was obtained at the time of the transaction.


Send the application to in the format specified or fill the information as prompted by Settle during the refund process.


The claim will be systematically evaluated, then after confirmation, if the claim is deemed to be legitimate, the excess money obtained will be reimbursed by relevant merchant/ merchants via electronic means in the borrower's favor, and a verification will be issued to the postal address provided to us, within a window of seven calendar days following the receipt of all such claim. Based on your bank's policies, it may take 3 to 7 days for the funds to appear in your account.


If the business is unable to carry out any Payment Instruction(s) on the Payment Date as a result of the any one or a combination of the following conditions:

  • If the Payment Instruction(s) you provided are (are) incorrect, faulty, or misleading. b. If the Payment Account does not have enough money or credit available to cover the amount specified in the Payment Instruction (s).

  • If there are any charges or encumbrances on the money that are accessible in the payment account. d. Should your bank refuse to enforce the payment instruction or do so slowly (s).

  • Company-uncontrollable circumstances: (including, but not restricted to, power outages, bank riots, fires, floods, natural catastrophes, network or telecommunication system failure brought on by unforeseen causes or intervention from an outside source, bank protests, and so forth).

  • You will receive notification through email if the payment cannot be processed for any reason.


 If a BNPL Transaction completed by the User is canceled or a refund is initiated for a BNPL Transaction, the customer shall be liable to receive the refund amount as per the agreement. For a Credit Line Transaction, the refund or cancellation shall be in accordance with terms and conditions agreed between the User and the Lending Partner/ Financial Institution.


Settle agrees and acknowledges that if a Transaction is canceled or a refund request is made by the Partner Merchant, the refunded transaction amount if applicable (less cancellation charges, if any) (“Refund Amount”) shall be credited to the User Account for BNPL Transactions of such User within the timelines agreed with the Partner Merchant and subject to availability of funds of the Partner Merchant. For Credit Line, in case of no repayment, the customer is not liable to receive any refund. In case repayment has been done, the refund transaction amount shall be credited to the User account.


 The User agrees and acknowledges that the Refund Amount for BNPL Transactions shall only be utilized by the User to make payments in respect of Transactions done by the User by using the BNPL Option from Partner Merchants from time to time. The User shall not have the right to transfer or withdraw or set-off the Refund Amount or use the Refund Amount in relation to any other services rendered by Settle. Settle may, at its sole discretion, inform merchant/s to credit the Refund Amount to a designated bank account or on VPA ID or Debit card account of the User.


In the event the refund amount is higher than the statement amount, excess to be credited back to the Repayment source.


The User has to update the UPI ID/ VPA ID or net banking details to receive the refund amount in case repayment has been done by User


In line with the Indian Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996, merchant/s or lenders or Settle may choose to settle any disagreement, conflict, or complaint arising out of or connected to this Agreement or the Services delivered in conjunction with this Agreement by binding arbitration. Any such disagreement, conflict, or complaint shall be adjudicated individually and must not be joined to any other party's disagreement or complaint in any adjudication.